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My first 'Something Wild' workshop was held at Hallidays Point Library, NSW from 18th to 20th March 2016.

10 wonderful people joined me for music, some mind numbing theory (sorry about that folks, but a necessary phase) and much playing and splashing with colour.  We had everyone from total art beginners through to very experienced artists in other media.  Challenging, fun and uplifting for me, it was a huge success!

The group named themselves "The Wild Ones" so this post is dedicated to them...you know who you are! ;-)

However, I know that some of the group do not 'do' Facebook, so I am reposting any developmental pieces I am working on to show the phases, and perhaps throw a challenge out there!

My goodness what a start to the day! Totally gorgeous pre-sunrise with intense hues and chroma with different values, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium yellow pale, transparent orange, pthalo blue et al....
Here's a couple of pics and if anyone dare tells me this is anything but a watercolour sky....

To my students - after establishing your horizon, turn your page on the side and softly softly brush these colours onto thoroughly soaked paper, watch what happens!!

...and...meet PK1 (Pearl Kookaburra 1) who comes in for his brekky each morning, playing nice with the Maggles (Magpies - not pictured) this morning.

Have a brilliant sunshiney day!

<![CDATA[ArtEscape 2015]]>Wed, 22 Jul 2015 02:10:08 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/artescape-2015Picture
Five days of glorious hard work!  ArtEscape was the brainchild of Mike Ferris, Architect and brilliant watercolourist.  Meeting new chums and old, we completed two paintings a day....and fell into the arms of a good wine and bed.
This year I was fortunate to do a class with John Lovett, using mixed water media, that is - gesso and gouache.  I rediscovered design and composition, new techniques and ways to recover seemingly lost passages on the paper.  I also discovered that I am a transparent watercolour purist!  Aaagh, does that make me puritanical??!  Thank you so much John for your patience and fortitude!

<![CDATA[the Atchison, Topeka and SANTA FE...]]>Sat, 27 Jun 2015 19:10:07 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/the-atchison-topeka-and-santa-fePicture
As you no doubt know by now, I have been incredibly honoured to be signed to The Longworth Gallery, one of the most prestigious galleries on Canyon Road, Santa Fe - one of the most important art centres in the USA.
This trip of 37 days has been amazing, none of it turned out the way we planned......but who cares??  Life is an adventure, n'est pas?
If you've never been to Santa Fe, put it on your Bucket List!  This is my third trip, and every time there is something new.  We've been hiking in the beautiful Pecos Wilderness, surrounded by wild flowers, even saw a brown bear!  Chipmunks cheekily chatter at you from the trees exhorting one to leave a bit more than crumbs; the art in Canyon road requires at least 3 days to see it all; Downtown has a delightful laid back feel and it's Plaza is cool and green with beautiful hanging baskets of colour; the Santa Fe Opera is an incredible experience; Sculpture Gardens and open studios abound; wonderful food from gourmet to picnic casual; the amazing adobe pueblo style buildings which I adore! melt into the landscape...etc...etc
I will have to post more on our travels as there's so much to share - what a wonderful and amazing world we live in.
Keep the sunshine in your life.

<![CDATA[Time for a change....]]>Mon, 11 May 2015 03:54:02 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/time-for-a-changePicture
Well it's high time I got into some blogging as I've had such an amazing time meeting new friends at exhibitions, shows and on FB.
Sitting in my beautiful tropical garden in far north Queensland, we have King Parrots feeding from the bird feeders, some bar shouldered doves, Peaceful doves, and despite the ravages of this season's cyclones and subsequent loss of water level in our gorgeous creek, the platypusses are doing their thing...it's just the quieter time of year for them.
About to check on my bees, just became a beekeeper and am thoroughly enamoured....imagine liquid gold made by creatures oriented to the sun who dance to communicate!
Then there are the brilliant azure Ulysses butterflies, the males vying for territory, doing laps of the garden, female Cairns Birdwings looking for a safe place for her eggs....truly a paradise!
So, the pneumonia on the way out...the art room is calling, and my mind is filled with so many paintings I hardly know where to start, so excited and

<![CDATA[Ton of Fun!]]>Fri, 31 Oct 2014 04:01:41 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/ton-of-funPicture
Thank you to all the ladies and gents who came along to watch some very fast and loose water colouring, what a lot of fun Ive had over the last two mornings.
The plastic sheeting went down very well with the management ;) and I don't think I got too many feet wet, other than my own!
Sad to bump out of what has been a fantastic month at Hallidays Point Library & Gallery.
Everyone embraced the philosophy of freeing up their work, a beautiful lady of 87 years told me after years of doing gorgeous finely crafted botanical painting, that she was going to give it a go, can't ask for more than that!
Some lovely invitations to return and run a couple of workshops, I would love to do so.
It's now 3pm and soon the Living with Wolves Auction will close and I will announce the winning bid.
Have a brilliant sunshiny weekend everyone, and keep the colour in your life!
Sandi xo

<![CDATA[Halliday's Point & Gallery Exhibition]]>Wed, 01 Oct 2014 04:45:20 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/hallidays-point-gallery-exhibitionI am so very pleased to announce that 21 of my works are now hanging at Hallidays Point Library & Gallery, on the north central New South Wales Coast.
We hung this morning in about 3 hours, which was amazingly fast!  and had people wandering in despite it not being officially open. 
Also have two bookings for my artist-in-residence gig on 30th October 2014 at 1030, so if you are interested, please do book, there are 20 places available.
So, these are not the official photos, but just couldn't wait to share...do forgive their poor quality, I left my good camera behind - too excited I guess!
If you are in the area, do please drop in and say Hi.
<![CDATA[Secret Auction - Living with Wolves.org]]>Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:51:29 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/secret-auction-living-with-wolvesorgPicture
Please spread the word! Online Secret Auction to Help Raise Awareness and Funds for Living with Wolves (www.livingwithwolves.org) - help conserve these endangered species and their habitats!

A secret auction for the original watercolour 'First Light' inspired by Living with Wolves will commence on 1st September and continue until 31st October 2014.

Anyone interested in owning this stunning original watercolour 610mm x 320mm (unframed size) should submit their bid with name, location and bid by one of two means:

1. go to Sandi's website: http://www.sandilear.com/contact-sandi.html and fill out the form and submit it, that way all bids are traceable

2. go to Sandi's FB page: http://www.facebook.com/sandi.lear and send a private message using the message button top right of the screen

3. All bids will be collated and more than one bid per person may be entered.

4. The work may be seen at Sandi's solo exhibition 'Freedom' at Halliday's Point Library Gallery, Halliday's Point, New South Wales from 3rd October to 31st October 2014

5. The Gallery curator and Sandi will collate the bids to ensure transparency and announce the winner on the evening of the 31st October. The winner will be contacted by email or private FB message. It is preferred the winner will allow announcement of their name, however confidentiality can be assured if that is their express wish.

6. All proceeds will be donated to Living with Wolves to help raise awareness and funds for the wonderful work they do in protecting and ensuring the continued success of the endangered species.

Any questions, please email or message Sandi per the contact details above.

<![CDATA[Freedom.....first solo exhibition!]]>Tue, 22 Apr 2014 06:26:40 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/freedomfirst-solo-exhibitionPicture
Life teaches one to be grateful, every day brings some reason for it.....I am very honoured to be asked to exhibit at the Halliday's Point Library & Gallery in New South Wales, humbly following in the footsteps of well known local and national artists....and what a gorgeous spot!  I will also be Artist in Residence during the month of October 2014, doing demonstrations and answering any questions, please come up and say Hi! - hope the passion doesn't get too thick on the ground ;)...thank you so very much to the team at Halliday's Point. 
Hope to see you there, keep the colour in your life, Sandi

<![CDATA[Owls in Progress]]>Tue, 22 Apr 2014 06:23:52 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/owls-in-progressPicture
Just love owls - what is it about them that draws us so?  The wisdom of ages? that the people's of our past saw owls as prophetic and guardians?  or is it their cuteness as owlets, their beautiful calls and gorgeous plumage?  they are a bird of prey, but thought to be a lowly one, not worthy of the lineage of falcons or hawks or especially eagles.  
Sadly, we see many owls caught in barbed wire, and I am an avid supporter of eradicating this torment to our Australian wildlife.  
This is a work in progress, and I am trusting that this owl is actually headed for a safer perch than the barbed wire fence featured in the work.
This is big, a half sheet of Arches 300gsm, and about half finished, it won't be completed until later in the year when I return from Europe......What shall we call it? 
Please drop me a line with any suggestions...would love to hear from you.
Thanks and all the very best, hope you had a great Easter.

<![CDATA[Missionwary Sold!]]>Tue, 22 Apr 2014 06:17:30 GMThttp://sandilear.com/natures-palette/missionwary-soldPicture
I am delighted to announce that Missionwary has found a good home, in Mission Beach!
Thank you to Mission Arts for your support, it is very much appreciated.