2020 Winner of QWASI International Wildlife in Art Exhibition, “Best Fauna (not bird)” and “Overall Best Wildlife Art”
42cm x 59cm = 16.5″ x 23″

“Totally at home amongst the invasive and poisonous bracken, the Sweet-faced or Whip Tail Wallaby has the means to flee the fires that pervade our bushland, although they too can get trapped and pay the ultimate price.  “Bracken” calls my home “home” she comes each morning with her joey “Fern” and sometimes others of her ‘mob’.  With her muzzle looking as if she has just enjoyed a particularly delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows, these beautiful marsupials are well named.  Curious, they suffer our presence, safe in the knowledge that in most cases they can get away. Well adapted to the urbanisation of our bush, they utilise important wildlife corridors to move from  grazing to their night time nest of bracken. ”

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Original Available

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