18” x 24” = 46cm x 61cm. 

“Equal parts Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, a dash of Bitters and possible a measure of lime cordial, the “Gunner” was invented by the colonial British as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink in the steamier months.  Not so lucky were the Gunners, those members of Artillery regiments who caused the greatest amount of damage and casualties in WW1.  The Australian Lighthorse were not the only regiments to use horses, the Australian artillery eventually incorporated the use of these incredibly stoic, hardy and reliable animals to manoeuvre the heavy guns into place.  To this day, Artillery units throughout Australia honour the horse and it’s place in their history, their current day “mounts” are just as revered and loved, such as the self-propelled Howitzer.  I once knew a chestnut named Gunner, he was a Waler with all the loyalty, charm and sturdiness, and a willingness to face anything, but a measure of that “ginger and bitters” in him, that made him just that little bit exciting.  Gunner was extremely good at getting out of stables and halters…with a personality to match both his colour, and the big guns, like a lot of military men, he was a tough guy with a huge heart.”


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