Allegory: “Nimbostratus…snow cloud, usually found below 2000m , thick often amorphous, hiding everything from view to produce rain, sleet or snow….a brilliant foil for the endangered Snow Leopard who is often at higher altitutdes, perfectly camouflaged against the background of it’s home.  Forced ever upward or outward from it’s home, this denizen of the high places seeks it’s prey of native goats and sheep, also losing their habitat due to illegal hunting and humans seeking pasture for domestic flocks.  This mountain denizen is solitary and far ranging, only coming into contact with it’s own kind to mate and bring up it’s cubs. Seeking a life on the high mountains, like the snow cloud it drifts in and out of human view, forever elusive, only gracing us with glimpses as it remains truly wild and free…for now.”

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