56cm x 76cm = 22” x 30”

Deckle edge full sheet – Saunders Waterford smooth The whispers of distant waterfalls, soft howl echoing through muted sibilant hiss of snowfall – one could be in a wilderness wonderland. The wolves, as with humans are a family unit, always on guard for each other, playful at times, diligent, patient with their young, loving and tender with their mates, they emulate the best of us. ​The water of life trickles over the falls, as in life – never to repeat it’s journey, each molecule fulfilling it’s role, some to crash to the pool, others creating soft fog and a sense of comfortable enfoldment, secure, familiar, at one with the environment….safe….a feeling we all recognise inside of us…home.

Enquire: The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Original Available

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