The Veteran

1140mm x 730mm on Arches 300gsm rough.
Limited Edition Giclees available, please use Contact Sandi to enquire.
“The veteran, has survived, not without scars….sometimes visible…sometimes not.  Out of the darkness and into the light, life refreshed but burdens remembered, as if filling a well, some of the life giving moisture is taken out, the light dimmed; and then a refreshing change starts to fill it again, for some never to be quenched. Whilst our incredibly brave men and women of the forces are repatriated, (although many lie in foreign graves or remain missing) our brave animal troops are too often left behind.  Horses have always been a willing sacrifice for our forces overseas, rarely to return; and still, those remaining at home, now see service in helping our injured veterans learn to live with PTSD. Their gift keeps on giving….and yet, as with our own kind, do we say thank you twice a year and then turn away? As with our own kind, when we look in their eyes do we see their stories? Do we feel their pain? Do we acknowledge the anguish of being torn from their mates, their band, their brothers & sisters? Do we understand that their trust remains steady even as we leave them behind?   Together our veterans of all the forces, as with our Lighthorse, forged unbreakable bonds, ties so deep as to be unfathomable, only to say goodbye.  So, as the Lighthorseman gave his best mate his last drink, he gave him the final gift, sending him to greener pastures, forever young.  At last the broken-hearted men returned home, heavy hearts, mourning. How is it possible to thank a veteran, man or beast, for a service we cannot hope to comprehend?  We NEVER forget, we will EVER say thank you, we bow our heads in grief but with a camaraderie that all those who served, brought to us, taught us.  This is what unites us as a nation, the expression of deep gratitude and a promise Lest We Forget. “

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