….every subject suggests a corollary to the human condition, there is much for us to learn from our furred and feathered friends, the ocean and the world’s special places…


2021 Global TV Art Show comes to Diamond Beach

When Graeme Stevenson started his TV show “Colour In Your Life” ten years ago he had no idea it would lead him to travel the globe, be in front of over 100 million viewers worldwide and to receive an Order of Australia Medal in 2017.
“Art and what is does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and souls of all that see it,” Graeme Stevenson said.
An artist from the age of 12, Graeme has spent his life travelling the world with a paintbrush in hand and often on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. As some of the great artists he’d admired began to pass, he realised it was time to find a means of preserving their incredible talents and legacy so future generations might one day learn from masters of the arts.

Graeme Stevenson, an established artist himself, began the TV show in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia, with the vision of creating a video library of the artists of the world.
“I want to create a library of the minds of artists for perpetuity. Imagine if we had videoed the techniques of Picasso or Margaret Olley. Imagine if we were able to access the knowledge of those past masters,” Graeme explained.
His efforts were recognised nationally when Graeme received the OAM for his ongoing contributions to the artistic community.

It’s a fantastic honour not just for me but for all artists. I started this journey hoping to bring a little colour to the world and preserve some of the great talents out there and to be recognised for that is tremendous,” Graeme said.

Nearly 300 episodes have now been produced by the team at Colour in your Life.
The TV show is viewed by audiences of over 100 million through online streaming apps such as YouTube and aired on TV networks on over 50 countries.

The TV show features artists in their studio teaching the audience how to paint.
“It’s a bit like a cooking show but for artists,” Graeme said smiling.

Colour in Your Life began with filming artists in Australia and New Zealand and has expanded to filming artists in seven countries, including USA and UK, with five film teams.

The film team is coming to Diamond Beach to film Artist Sandi Lear in June.
To find out more about the show, visit www.colourinyourlife.com.au or our You Tube Channel

For more information, please contact Natascha Wernick at natascha@colourinyourlife.com.au
(+61) 0412 980 063

2020 Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc – Humbled and excited to receive awards for “Best Fauna (not bird) in Exhibit” and the “Overall Best Wildlife in Exhbit” at the Biennial International Wildlife in Art Exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery in Brisbane. The most respected judge Michael Snedic judged the pieces from over 92 entries, and the even was opened by the distinguished Mr Steve Parish OAM, who also chose “Bracken” as his personal winner.
I’d like to thank sponsors Mt Cotton Retreat and Brisbane Digital Images, along with the amazing Cathie Howie, President of the Society, and Esther Horton, Secretary – both extraordinary artists, and do so much for the Society.

All my Australian Wildlife will be available as giclees to help raise funds and awareness of the plight of Australian animals in our horrific and catastrophic fire season. Please “Contact” me if you are interested.

2018 Artists for Conservation – Delighted to be demonstrating at the AFC Festival in Vancouver 23rd-26th August 2018; “Aviatrice” has been selected for the live exhibition, and “Adagio in G Minor” for the virtual. All sales donate up to 40% to conservation. Come along and say hello!
Artists for Conservation – Featured Artist October 2017!

2017 AFC Annual Exhibition – It is with great delight I share that both “Nebula” (sold) and “Otter Here” (available) have been selected by the eminent jurors to appear in the 2017 AFC Virtual Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada; and also appear in their Annual Hardback Book, which is available for sale to the public.

2018 Silent Skies – In addition, so very excited to be painting 6 pieces for this fabulous event:
Silent Skies is an international collaborative super-mural mosaic featuring all 678 endangered species of birds of the world by AFC Signature Members only (painters and sculptors). The installation will be the artistic centerpiece of the Congress, Ornithological Congress 2017, prominently displayed in Vancouver’s magnificent waterfront Convention Centre – the focal point of the 2010 Olympic Games and next to the cruise terminal.

Port Stephens Art Prize 2017 – “Any Port…” has been awarded “Highly Commended”, and “Bache No.1 in G Major” has sold!

The Lakeside Festival 2016- “Any Port…” has just been awarded 1st Prize for Painting (any media).


Oct 2020 – Artists for Conservation Annual Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada
May 2020 – Artists Memorial Exhibition, The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
Mar-Apr 2020 – QWASI Biennial International Wildlife in Art Exhibition at The Logan Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
Sep 2019 – joint exhibition with Charles Frizzell, The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, USA and Artist in Residence
May 2019 – Artists Memorial Exhibition, The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe USA and demonstrating
Sep 2018 – Joint exhibition with Charles Frizzell, The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
Aug 2018 – AFC Ornithological Congress Mural, Vancouver, Canada, demonstrating
Jun 2018 – Yungaburra Village Artists, Tablelands Regional Art Gallery, Atherton
May 2018 – The Artist’s Reception,The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
Aug 2017 – AFC Annual Exhibition, Virtual
1 Dec 2017 – 31st Jan 2018 – Solo exhibition at Hallidays Point Library, NSW, Australia
29th Sep 2017 – Joint exhibition with Charles Frizzell, The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
10th – 19th Mar 2017 – Port Stephens Art Prize Exhibition, NSW, Australia. Awarded “Highly Commended”
17th Nov 2016 – 15th jan 2017 – “Confluence”, Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree, NSW, Australia
3-5 Nov 2016 – The Lakeside Festival, Forster Tuncurry, NSW, Australia. Awarded 1st Prize Painting (all media) for “Any Port”
Aug 2016 – ongoing – The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
May 2015 – ongoing – Museum of Contemporary Art, ArtPlu, Shanghai, China
20th Mar – 3rd Apr 2016 – Great Lakes Art Society, Gallery, Forster, NSW
8 May-6 Jun 2015- Yungaburra Village Artists 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Tablelands Regional Gallery, Atherton bur
10-25th Apr 2015 – Cairns Art Society 10th Artists of the North, Tanks, Cairns
9-16th Dec 2014 – Project Orangutan, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst
21st Nov – 21st Dec 2014 – Cairns Art Society’s 67th Annual Open, Cairns Regional Art Gallery, QLD
2-3 Nov 2014 – Lakeside Festival, Forster, NSW
2-31st Oct 2014 – Hallidays Point Library & Gallery, NSW
Jan 2014-Jan 2015- Tolga Woodworks, Qld
Jul 2012 – Student Exhibition, Cairns ArtEscape, QLD

Artists For Conservation (signature member)
Cairns Art Society
Yungaburra Village Artists
Queensland Wildlife Artists Society
Queensland Watercolour Society
Watercolour Society of Australia
Wildlife Art Society of Australasia
National Watercolour Society (USA)


May 19 – The Santa Fean Magazine, New Mexico, USA – “Must Know Artists”
May 19 – Fine Lifestyles Magazine, New Mexico, USA
Sep 19 – El Presidio Magazine, New Mexico, USA
Aug 18 – Western Art Collector Magazine, USA
May 18 – The Santa Fean Magazine, New Mexico, USA; Fine Lifestyles Magazine, New Mexico, USA
Aug 17 – The Santa Fean Magazine, New Mexico, USA
Aug 17 – Advertorial Fine Lifestyles Magazine, New Mexico, USA
Apr 17 – Editorial & Front Page, The Twin Town Times, NSW
Apr 17 – Mar 18 – Guest Life Magazine, New Mexico, USA
Nov 16 – Advertorial in Focus Magazine, Manning Valley; article in Manning Times
Aug/Sept 16 – Editorial in the Santa Fean Magazine, NM, USA
May 16 – Editorial in Southwest Art and Fine Lifestyles Santa Fe,
Apr 16 – Advertorial in Southwest Art and Fine Lifestyles Santa Fe, Guest Life Magazine
Oct 15 – Feature in Focus Magazine, Manning Valley
Sept 15 – Advertorial News of our World
Sept 15 – Front Cover IAPA Inaugural Magazine launch, Kerala, India


The SantaFean “People we love”

The Longworth Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I shall sadly be unable to attend this year’s Annual Memorial Exhibition, but send my very best wishes for it’s success to Lisa and Michael and all the wonderful artists with whom I am blessed and humbled to hang.

Truly hope to be able to travel in September for our annual Paint out and exhibition with Charles Frizzell, but for now it’s time to wait and see….and Paint!!!

September 2020 – Another wonderful week of painting with the eminent Mr Charles Frizzell, a mass of sales of work as I demonstrated, selling wet and unfinished on the easel, as well as some framed and finished work hanging in Lisa’s glorious gallery. Lots of fun, demonstrations and motivational painting to help inspire those visiting artists who find watercolour just that teeny bit challenging.

May 2020 – Good heaves, it snowed!! On my first day! Spectacular evening at the Opening in the Gallery, as well as at Lisa and Michael’s beautiful home in their stunning courtyard. A stage had been set up and we had the amazing pleasure of listening and watching a live Flamenco Guitarist and Dancer, incredibly special time under the stars of the high NM desert. Commissions started and finished in epic painting sessions and new work commenced.

Southwest Art

This story was featured in the May 2016 issue of Southwest Art magazine. Get the Southwest Art May 2016 print issue or digital download now–then subscribe to Southwest Art and never miss another story.

The effects at play in Sandi Lear’s watercolors might be called loose, free, colorful, or ethereal. Lear herself, however, uses the phrase “essential allegorical representationalism” when discussing her aesthetic. “I choose my subject as it strikes an allegorical chord, then I capture its essence and paint it in a representational style,” says the Australian artist. “I always include a hidden message in my work—something that holds the viewer’s attention, asking, why is it there? What is the story here? I merely suggest, inviting the viewer to form an emotional connection, to imagine his or her own story.”

Approximately 20 of Lear’s thought-provoking watercolors are on view in an ongoing exhibition at The Longworth Gallery on Canyon Road beginning April 1. A reception takes place from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, May 27.

Lisa Rodgers, gallery owner, says Lear’s compassion spills out onto her paintings. “Her deep connection with nature, the ocean, and water is obvious in her work, and also with endangered species,” she says. Lear, who contributes to conservation efforts, reveals that certain subjects evoke an “upswell of emotion” in her. “When I select a subject, such as HOPE, it is because there is something there that needs to be said,” the artist says. “We had the death of Cecil [the lion], which to me was diagnostic of all that is going wrong in the world. The allegory is twofold: celebrating the incredible royalty of his bearing and mastery of all he surveys—while in an invisible enclosure—but gazing up to the heavens as if in plea for mankind to save him.”

One of the other thrills for the artist is experimenting with the medium of watercolor. “Allowing it to do its thing means that temperature, humidity, angle and characteristics of the paper, pigment, and water have to be considered,” she says. “FLARE represents the passion I have for watercolor, and the relationship I have with these organic substances—water and earth (pigment and paper), air (which influences drying time) and fire—the passion for the piece.” —Jessica Canterbury

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