Scarlet Season

31cm x 41cm = 12” x 16”

On Arches 300gsm. With a tinkling bell-like call, the smallest of Australia’s native honey-eaters, the Scarlet Honeyeater is sedentary in far north Queensland. Blending with the changing leaves of the maple in the Autumn, he reminds one of the changing of the seasons of life…the Autumn of one’s years is a joyous time, not the slowing of life, but as with any age, change as we find the bustle of bringing up family, forging a career, is established – now is the time to pursue dreams and ambititions with the knowledge and wisdom to dwell, learn and move in a different direction. As the Scarlet Honeyeater blends with the leaves of the past, so he looks forward to the future, the next generation, perhaps a change of pace, but with the Spring we don our new clothes, and embrace the change the seasons offer us.

Original Available

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