Full sheet deckle edge watercolour 57cm x 76cm = 22.5” x 30”

“The Wandering Albatross leaves the nest and goes to sea for many years, often not visiting land until they are ready to find their mate.  Making their way around the Southern Ocean, sometimes circumnavigating it up to three times, they may fly up to 75,000 miles in a year, living on the ocean which provides their food and rest, incredibly in harmony with their wild environment.  Returning to land as adults, they dance, sing and cherish their new mate.  Once they find each other, they are bonded for life, mating every two years, they proudly produce only a single egg.  No wonder they are so scarce.  Good luck to mariners, they have much to teach us of forbearance, finding our way in the calm and sometimes turbulent waters of life, and of their dedication to their marriage, their love and care of each other, and their young.”


Enquire: The Longworth Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Original Available

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